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 Memorable dates

XXI century


XX century


XIX century


XVIII century


XVII century


2000, August 15 – Municipal Park of Flora and Fauna “Roev Ruchey” was opened.

2003 – Krasnoyarsk celebrated its 375th anniversary. New symbols, devoted to this occasion, appeared in the city: Clock Tower on the building of the Krasnoyarsk City Administration, Historical Gate and a Gun on the Karaulnaya Mountain. A carnival procession took place in Krasnoyarsk for the first time.

2004, December 7 – Reconstruction of the Railway Station was finished.

2005, June 3 – the cascade fountain “Rivers of Siberia” was opened at the Theatrical Square.

2006, November – the first eight-lane highway was opened in the Sovetskiy District.

2007 – the monument to the Commander Nikolay Rezanov was opened in Krasnoyarsk.