​​​Fairs and exhibitions in Krasnoyarsk

​Today’s Krasnoyarsk is a modern industrial city with actively developing business infrastructure. Thus, it is a great place for holding different kinds of exhibitions and fairs. We invite all Russian and foreign representatives of business structures and  different spheres to take part in Krasnoyarsk exhibitions and fairs. Almost all exhibitions and fairs are held in SIBERIA International Exhibition and Business Center - exhibition business co​mplex with technical capabilities and equipment providing the whole range of the world standard exhibition and business services.

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Exhibition calendar 2021:

January 28 — 31, 2021

Siberian Fair

Goods for the family and home.
An abundance of home textiles, clothing and footwear, knitwear, herbal preparations for health, designer jewelry, fresh products and many souvenirs and gifts.

March 3 — 5, 2021

YeniseyMedica Medical Forum

Specialized exhibition and forum of medical equipment, innovative medical technologies, emergency medical service, laboratory medicine, expendable materials and comprehensive fit-out services for clinics.

March 4 – 6, 2021

Education. Job and Career

March 17 — 20, 2021


Specialized HVAC&R exhibition

Low-rise House Buildin​g. Building and Finishing Materials

Exhibition for country house construction and finishing; for equipment and life support systems; for landscaping, decoration, landscape design and architecture.

TechStroyExpo. Roads

Specialized trade show for road-building machinery, technologies, construction and warehousing equipment.

Construction & Architecture Show

Specialized exhibition of construction and architecture projects, new construction technologies and equipment, construction and finishing materials.

March 25 — 28, 2021


International tourism trade fair.

Fishing and Hunting. Hobby

Exhibition of goods and services for hunting, fishing and real men's hobbies.

March 30 — April 1, 2021

Siberian Dental Forum

Specialized exhibition of dental equipment, materials, technologies and services.​

April 7 — 10, 2021

Food industry. HoReCa

"Hospitality and Service" - an exhibition of equipment, technologies and services for hotels and hotels.
"Restaurant Business" - an exhibition of equipment, technologies, services, food and drinks for restaurants, bars and cafes.
"Food and Beverage Industry" - an exhibition of food products, beer, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages; equipment and raw materials for their production.
"Trade" - an exhibition of trade and refrigeration equipment, trade automation equipment.
"Entertainment" - sound, light and projection equipment, equipment for children's playgrounds.

Regional Fresh Products Fair

Meat, sausages, dairy, fish products, canned food and semi-finished products, pasta, bakery and confectionery products, vegetables, fruit, dried fruit, nuts, dietary and diabetic products, "quick breakfasts", drinks, honey products.

April 22 — 25, 2021

Siberian Gardening

Exhibition-fair of high-quality goods and services necessary for the arrangement of summer cottages, garden plots and personal subsidiary plots.

April 29 — May 2, 2021

Siberian Jewellery Salon

Exhibition of jewelry, precious stones, equipment and technology for jewelry industry.

​Ideal of Beauty

Specialized exhibition of cosmetics and perfumery products, hairdressing, cosmetic services and equipment.

May 26 — 28, 2021

Modern Security Systems - Antiterror

​All-Russian specialized forum and exhibition of security systems and means, as well as security, fire protection, police, forensic and emergency equipment.

June 9 — 15, 2021

Orthodox Siberia

Annual church and public exhibition-fair presents social and charity projects, spiritual centers of Russia and pilgrimage, the Orthodox way of life, traditions, temple decoration, jewelry and icon painting.

August 18 — 21, 2021

Kids Goods Fair

August 31 — September 3, 2021

ExpoDrev Russia

International specialized exhibition of technologies, equipment and tools for the woodworking and furniture industry.

September 6 10, 2021

International Congress and Exhibition "Non-ferrous metals and minerals-2021"

The forum dedicated to scientific research and the latest developments in the field of non-ferrous metallurgy: exploration, mining, production and subsequent processing of aluminum, gold, rare, precious and other non-ferrous metals, as well as environmental aspects and industrial safety, energy efficiency and economical use of mineral resources.

September 15 — 18, 2021

Autumn Garden Show

September 30 — October 2, 2021

Senior Citizens Days

The project is aimed at promoting an active, healthy and comfortable life for people who have crossed their fifty's milestone. It includes a forum platform with round tables, seminars, lectures, master classes, entertainment programs and an exhibition of specialized goods and services.

Health Fair

Everything about a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, traditional and non-traditional methods of maintaining and restoring health.

October 7 — 10, 2021


XXVIIIth specialized exhibition of passenger cars and trucks; specialized vehicles, auto parts and components; auto sound, tuning, auto chemistry, oil and lubricants, service and garage equipment, expandable materials; alarm and navigation systems; insurance and auto lending services.

October 14 — 16, 2021

Krasnoyarsk Digital Forum (KDF)

Real Estate Fair

Exhibition of real estate objects, real estate transactions, real estate services, mortgage offers and real estate insurance.

Siberian Entrepreneurship Forum

A specialized consulting platform for the most pressing business issues.​

October 21 — 24, 2021


Exhibition of contemporary and traditional works of art by professional craftsmen, arts ​and crafts and folk crafts.

November 3 — 7, 2021

Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair (KRYAKK)

Exhibition and sale of books offered by publishers and book distributors from the central regions of Russia and Siberian cities. Book festival.​

November 12 — 14, 2021

Zoo World

Specialized exhibition and sale of pets, feed, supplements, clothes, accessories, veterinary services.​

November 24 — 26, 2021

Siberian Energy Forum

A platform for establishing effective interaction between government authorities, industry unions and associations, the scientific community, representatives of the industrial and financial sectors to develop recommendations on priority areas of modernization and technological development of the industry.​

Oil. Gas. Chemistry

The latest technologies in the field of geodesy, cartography, geophysics, intelligent transport systems and satellite navigation, earth geomonitoring. "Oil. Gas. Chemistry" offers equipment and technologies for oil production, petrochemical and gas industries.​

Metalwork and Welding

"Mechanical Enginee​ring" - a specialized exhibition. Machines, machine tools, equipment, separate units, technologies for all industries.
"Instruments" - an exhibition of equipment and tools for all industries.
"Metallurgy and Metalworking" - mining, beneficiation and processing of raw materials, production of cast iron, steel, equipment and technologies for metal processing.
"Casting and Welding" - foundry: technologies and equipment; welding equipment and technologies.
"Overalls and Uniforms" - a specialized exhibition of professional, departmental clothing, footwear and personal protective equipment.

December 1 — 3, 2021

Siberian Agricultural Forum

The largest platform beyond the Urals for demonstrating the achievements of the agro-industrial complex, a specialized exhibition of agricultural machinery, technologies and equipment for plant growing, animal husbandry, farms, as well as a food fair.​

Regional Fresh Products Fair

Meat, sausages, dairy, fish products, canned food and semi-finished products, pasta, bakery and confectionery products, vegetables, fruit, dried fruit, nuts, dietary and diabetic products, "quick breakfasts", drinks, honey products.​

December 9 — 13, 2021

Christmas Fair

Universal fair of consumer goods, gifts, souvenirs.​

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