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 Mayor of the city


Ladies and Gentlemen! Dear visitors of Krasnoyarsk!

Over three centuries the City of Krasnoyarsk develops on the banks of a powerful Yenisei, the city where culture and art, sports and education, industry and a unique landscape inseparably entwined.

Open to the world, our city was made famous by great painters, writers, creative and scientific workers. Merited victories of the krasnoyarian sportsmen in Russia and internationally, their gold, silver and bronze medals at the Olympic Games put our city on the sports map.

But there is an event in a history of each city, which determines the future of a city for many years ahead. Participation in a bidding campaign to host the World Universiade 2019 is, undoubtedly, such event in history of Krasnoyarsk.

Carrying on glorious traditions of its 100-year sport history, Krasnoyarsk makes itself known as an international center with a high-class sports venues and modern infrastructure of travel and hotel industry.

A unique nature makes Krasnoyarsk one of the best locations in Russia for outdoor activities, because the Krasnoyarsk Krai is a territory of vast land: from arctic deserts and tundra to mixed forests and steppes. In which other region melons grow and polar bears live? Probably, Krasnoyarsk is the only megapolis with a unique nature reserve “Stolby” with a forestland, beautiful rocks and small rivers. A professional-level piste in Bobrovyy Log and modern sports venues, which are located nearly within the limits of the city, justly deserved their high status of world-level training facilities.

Developing as a modern megapolis, Krasnoyarsk changes for the better year by year.  Krasnoyarsk today is the city of bridges and fountains, cozy parks and big squares, modern residential districts and sleepy streets, which keep a spirit of 19th century.

At the same time, Krasnoyarsk is a large industrial center with metallurgy, power industry, machine manufacturing, building industry, services sector, education and health protection, innovations and technologies, including social sphere.

Being the capital of Krasnoyarsk Krai, the city encourages implementation of innovation and investment projects. The Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum, which is widely known in Russia and abroad, earned its reputation of one of the best innovation, economic and discussion platforms in Siberia.

Due to its geographic location, Krasnoyarsk claims to be the largest transportation center, connecting European countries to Asian-Pacific Region, North America and South Asia, North Atlantic and northern part of the Pacific Ocean.

New residential houses and social facilities, including child-care centers, schools and health protection institutions, are actively built in the city.

Krasnoyarsk is a student’s and scientific center. The Siberian Federal University, established in 2006 in our city, is one of the biggest higher educational institutions in Russia. Its alumni prove a high level of education received and work not only all over the country, but abroad also.

Krasnoyarsk is one of a few Russian cities, which name is derived from “beautiful”. Our calling-cards in the field of culture are world-famous International Festival of Chamber and Orchestral Music “Siberia-Europe” and International Music Festival of Asian-Pacific Region.

But main wealth of Krasnoyarsk is its residents. Genuine Siberians-Krasnoyarians love their city, consider it comfortable and cosy and want their lives to be connected to the city. The best proof of it is the fact that Krasnoyarsk joined the ranks of million-cities in 2012.

A lot more can be told about Krasnoyarsk – so one-of-a-kind, industrial and cultural, and beloved one, above all. As the Russians say: «Seeing once is better than hearing twice». That’s why I invite you to visit our modern megapolis and I’m sure that you won’t be left untouched by beautiful nature, industrial strength, rich cultural and sports traditions, and first of all by hospitality and sincerity of our people.

Mayor of Krasnoyarsk

Edkham Akbulatov