Information about the city

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Enjoy Winter in Krasnoyarsk!​​

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Enjoy Summer in Krasnoyarsk!

​​Название видеоThe city of Krasnoyarsk, located in the very center of Eurasia, welcomes you!


Krasnoyarsk is:​

Yenisey Siberia.jpg

International Airport Krasnoyarsk.jpg 

National Park Krasnoyarsk Stolby.jpg

International Festival Asia-Siberia-Europe.jpg

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  • the capital of the Winter Universiade 2019​ and a point of attraction for athletes from all over the world, annually holding major international events in freestyle wrestling, rugby, and, of course, in various winter sports

Winter Universiade 2019_1.jpg

Magic Ice of Siberia.jpg

Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum.jpg

  • the headquarters of many leading companies from Russia and foreign countries such as the USA, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Japan, China and others

Rosneft headquarters in Krasnoyarsk.jpeg

UCLG Eurasia.jpg

​and a friendly city of hospitable people.

Krasnoyarsk is the city of the world!

You can walk the streets of Krasnoyarsk and meet the landmarks that will bring to your mind the images of the famous places of great cities of our planet:

London in Krasnoyarsk_1.jpg
London Big Ben
City Administration Clock Tower
London in Krasnoyarsk 1.jpg
Buckingham Palace
Krasnoyarsk Governor's Office
Sidney in Krasnoyarsk.jpg
Krasnoyarsk Big Concert Hall 
Sydney Opera House
Prague in Krasnoyarsk.jpg
Krasnoyarsk Organ Hall
St. Stephen's Church in Prague
New York in Krasnoyarsk.jpg
Brooklyn Bridge
Zheleznodorozhny Bridge
Geneva in Krasnoyarsk.jpg
Geneva Jet d'Eau fountain
Krasnoyarsk Yenisey River fountains
Tokyo in Krasnoyarsk.jpg
Tokyo & Krasnoyarsk
light trees
Saint-Petersburg in Krasnoyarsk.jpg
St. Petersburg & Krasnoyarsk
bridge lighting