Festival-Competition of snow and ice sculptures "Magic ice of Siberia" is held in Krasnoyarsk since  2013. This project is unique because it’s the only competition which includes nominations of snow and ice. 


"Magic ice of Siberia"   will please the citizens this year because it will have 4 nominations : among youth teams, family’s and children’s teams and also among  professional sculptures.


The main competitive stage among  professional sculptures will be conducted from 3 to 9 January 2017, but Festival-Competition "Magic ice of Siberia"  will be opened much earlier – from 23 December 2016.

Festival-Competition includes family’s and children’s teams for the first time. Festival-Competition will take place  in Tatyshev Island 24 December 2016. Participants will present their ice sculptures to the citizens and to the jury.

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Sculptors from USA, China, Latvia, Japan and cities of Russia came to Krasnoyarsk for participating in  the International Festival-Competition of snow and ice sculptures "Magic ice of Siberia". Krasnoyarsk teams usually are the most active participants. There are a lot of talented artists, professional sculptors, who work with ice and snow in Krasnoyarsk.