Krasnoyarsk City Administration discussed the creation of a network of charging stations for electric vehicles, and even installing some in the courtyards of residential buildings. This is a joint project of the Siberian Energy Company and Rosseti Siberia.


The public officials of the Administration and the Government of the Krasnoyarsk Region who took part in the discussion highlighted the prospects of the project implemented jointly with the Siberian Energy Company and Rosseti Siberia.

In Krasnoyarsk, there are about 580 electric cars as of July 2022. The project developers believe that the mass purchase and maintenance of electric vehicles in the city is possible only if an extensive network of electric filling stations is created first.

For these purposes, it is already planned to install 50 charging stations in the city.

What's more, some charging stations will also be opened at transformer substations located within the local microdistricts. According to power engineers, the advantages of the new mode of transport are obvious: the engines do not pollute the air and do not make as much noise.