Krasnoyarsk Theatre on the Roof will hold free readings in July. The Theatre on the Roof is a private, independent theatre with creative, experimental performances, which usually take place at different urban spaces.


The readings will be one of the events held within the project “In the Centre of MIRA”. Every weekend several blocks of Mira Avenue – the main avenue of the city – turn into a pedestrian space with various entertainment locations and food spots. 


The theatre will perform three times in total. All the readings will begin at 19:00 and take place at the Pushkin Square. 

​July 16 — Anton Chekhov's “The Hopper”, staged by Grigory Artamonov (Moscow);
July 17 — “The Devil”, written by Andrey Ivanov (Krasnoyarsk) and staged by Asya Malevanova (Krasnoyarsk);
July 23 — “Pushkin's last shot” staged by Snezhanna Lobastova (Sharypovo, Krasnoyarsk Region).

All readings are free. Come in advance and take any seat. 
You can also follow the Theatre on the Roof on their Vkontakte page and have a look at Pushkin Square in an atmospheric​ video provided by the Projectdevelopment company​.