The project "In the Centre of MIRA" continues to create large city living room for walks, creativity, sports, recreation and entertainment for citizens of all ages on weekends on the main avenue of Krasnoyarsk. For some residents it is already becoming a tradition to start Saturday or Sunday with coffee and breakfast here. And then visit the event locations, which begin their work starting lunch.

So, last weekend in Pozdeev Alley, the employees of the steamship-museum St Nicholas offered lessons on knitting marine knots, visitors also learned how to convey messages using signal flags.

The maritime theme was supported by the nearby site from Reshetnev Technical University. Two models of ships were installed, one of which was an exact replica of the famous ship of Peter the Great. Modernity also coexisted with this history: a robot artist demonstrated how he can draw and sign his drawings. Children at that time could assemble models of airplanes and helicopters from a wooden constructor.


In the Festival Quarter, the green lawn resembled a lawn near a giant's house: here you could take pictures with huge shoes, a dog bowl, a waterpot, or play giant hockey or chess. Moved to the Festival Quarter was the children's car park. Children drove in small cars along the highway, learned the basic rules of the road, listened to the traffic controller.

Pushkin Square and the square near the monument to Pozdeev became points of musical attraction.

In Pushkin Square, the musical programme began with a performance by the local female vocalist group. The vocalists are unprofessional musicians, but it is unlikely that any of the audience noticed this, the concert turned out to be so bright and harmonious from the time-tested songs of the Soviet era.


Last weekend, stilt walkers gave their show to Krasnoyarsk residents along with a huge panda from the Raspberry Moment company, with which both children and adults willingly took pictures.

In the afternoon on the square near the monument to Pozdeev, the soloist of the Opera and Ballet Theatre Alexei Pereprygin created a special atmosphere with his performance. The main event of the site was the final concert of the Krasnoyarsk Showbiz contest from the Krasnoyarsk Glavny Radio.


The musicians who received the most votes from radio listeners gathered on one stage. And the hosts of the show led the concert with their signature jokes. Musicians of different genres appeared on the stage: rock, pop, rap etc. The concert was held with a full house, fans from other cities of the region also came to support the finalists.

The dance mood in the Festival Quarter was also created by Igor Kraglik with his boogie-woogie master class.


There was a platform with board games, too, so that one could play popular games with friends and family.

It is gratifying to note that visiting the Centre of MIRA is gradually becoming a tradition for many Krasnoyarsk families, both as a place for weekend walks and as a place for beautiful wedding photo shoots. Dozens of new families come to the avenue every Saturday and Sunday.


You can follow the events of the project "In the Centre of MIRA" on its Vkontakte page and in the Telegram channel: @v_centre_mira.