Last weekend, the project "In the Centre of Mira" opened to its first guests this season. Starting 21:00 on Friday, local pedestrians could walk along the roadway and take a selfie by the double white lines.

v centre mira_start 2022_3.jpg

For the first time, the Project welcomed participants from all over the Krasnoyarsk Region. At the Mansky site, for example, one could take cool atmospheric pics in authentic folk costumes, learn about the Vysotsky Festival and take note of new recreational tourist routes. In the course of the Project, the acquaintance of citizens with different districts and cities of the Krasnoyarsk Region will become even more prominent.

v centre mira_start 2022_4.jpg

The first day of the project was filled with music and dancing. Bards, school groups, various ensembles performed on the streets. The performance of the Yeniseiskie Zori Ensemble gave bright emotions to the guests of the project. The weather made its own adjustments to the event programme. For example, the concert of the Krasnoyarsk Brass Band had to be postponed to Sunday. However, neither rain nor cold frightened the residents of Krasnoyarsk, and in the evening people walked and enjoyed the atmosphere of the project all the same.

v centre mira_start 2022_2.jpg

This weekend, June 11 and 12, three blocks of Mira Avenue will once again turn into a pedestrian space. The streets are set to boast a festival carnival, musical fairy tales and literary quizzes. There will be themed sports grounds for the youngest participants, too.