A Doors Open Day, a street festival "Khorovod of Friendship" and documentary movie screenings.


«In Bookjacket»

The organisers promise that the evening of May 27 will begin with the sounds of bowls and bells created by blacksmith Alexander Arkhipov filling the walls of the local regional library. Together with the dance group Vdokhnovenie, the guests will be offered to participate in a People's Khorovod.

The programme of the night includes readings of fairy tales and stage plays, especially by roles. The Fiesta studio, the Caddy Smells Of Trees rock band, and the Con brio string quartet will perform at this year's Biblionight.

Romances by Pyotr Tchaikovsky and music for adaptations of famous books will also be played along with contemporary pieces. Theatre studio PROSCENIUM will show a performance they titled "Them about Her."

The film programme in particular includes screenings of feature films from the early 20th century. There will also be a playground and a location with board games, a wide variety of exhibitions.