On May 14, the largest e-sports tournament in the history of the city starts in Krasnoyarsk. The Mayor's Cup will be held in the regional capital for the first time and will bring together participants from all over Russia.

E-sports is an official form of competition on the territory of our country, which develops intellectual thinking. The sport is popular among hundreds of thousands of people. Playing on electronic platforms, e-sports players not only develop the speed of thinking and decision-making, but also learn to work in a team.

For the first time in Krasnoyarsk during the summer, athletes will play a multiplayer game in the MOBA genre "Dota 2". The Cup will be held online in the worldwide system of interconnected computer networks on the platform https://www.vscl.ru.


The finale will take place at the Ivan Yarygin Sports Palace from September 9 to 11. Only the top 8 teams will take part. This stage will be held in a LAN format, which means that the finalists will take places on specially equipped sites. The first round of the upper bracket of teams will also be held online in bo3 format.

All citizens of the Russian Federation aged 14 years and older can take part in the Cup. E-sportsmen must have a residence permit or live in the country, and if they get into the TOP-8 teams of the Cup, they must have the opportunity to come to the LAN finale in Krasnoyarsk. Only residents of the city of Krasnoyarsk and nearby locations can take part in the first qualifying stage "Krasnoyarsk".

All finalists will receive souvenirs. The winning team is awarded with a trophy, diploma and medals, prize-winners - with medals and diploma. In addition, all finalists will receive cash prizes.