​Manzhouli is a sub-prefecture-level city located in Hulunbuir prefecture-level city, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China (PRC). It is located 4 km away from the border with Russia and 6 km from Zabaikalsk; it is the largest land port of entry on the border between Russia and China and the starting point of the China National Highway Godao 301. Manzhouli has an area of 696.3 square kilometers and a population over 250,000 people.

Since Manzhouli is a border and customs point, there is a large cargo railway terminal and a passenger station. The transition of Manzhouli-Zabaikalsk connects the Binzhou Railway with the Trans-Baikal Railway. An international road border crossing was opened in Manzhouli in July 2009, as a result of which the volume of road transport increased to 6 million tons per year. The Manzhouli-Zabaikalsk border crossing point is the largest in China by volume of traffic, and the only one operating 24 hours a day. Through Manzhouli pass freight and passenger trains of medium and long distance: Beijing-Moscow, Beijing-Irkutsk and others. Also popular are the tourist routes: Manzhouli -Chita, Manzhouli -Irkutsk, Manzhouli -Ulan-Ude.

In 2004, an airport was built in Manzhouli. In 2009, the airport was given the status of international. In connection with which, regular flights from Irkutsk, Chita, Krasnoyarsk and Ulan-Ude were opened to Manzhouli.

Manzhouli is famous for its Ice & Snow Festival which takes place every winter from some time in February to early March and is a smaller version of Harbin's Ice and Snow Festival.

At present, Manzhouli is a transshipment base for all types of cargo: timber, oil, liquid chemicals, gas, equipment, containers, which makes it the most functional land port in the country. Manzhouli is China's busiest land port of entry, and is responsible for 60% of all imports from and exports to Eastern Europe.

Cooperation between Krasnoyarsk and Manzhouli (China)

In 2017 Krasnoyarsk City Administration and the People's Government of Manzhouli signed the Agreement on trade and economic, scientific, technical and cultural cooperation. Learn more


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