Congress of Russian Americans


Congress of Russian Americans
Organization for preservation of Russian Heritage and encouragement of active participation of Russian Americans in the public life of the United States.
Founded in 1973, by a group of concerned Russian Americans, the Congress of Russian Americans, Inc. is a national organization with membership throughout the United States.

Its members are U.S. citizens or permanent residents of Russian descent.

The main objectives of the organization, as stated in the By-Laws, are as follows:
1. To preserve the Russian spiritual and cultural heritage in the United States.
2. To protect rights and dignity of Russian Americans and to encourage active participation of Russian Americans in the public and social life of the United States.
3. To aid dispersed Russians in their cultural and social interests.
4. To combat Russo phobia by speaking out in defense of the Russian people
and assist the development of friendly relations between the U.S. and Russia based on mutual understanding and respect.
5. To help the Russian people in Russia in the process of their spiritual rebirth and improvement in their wellbeing based on democratic principles in governance.

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