Exhibition of Krasnoyarsk children's drawings held in Hutchison High School Library in Fairbanks (U.S.A. State of Alaska )

As part of the celebration of 73d anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War an exhibition of Krasnoyarsk children's drawings dedicated to 75th Anniversary of the air route «Alaska-Siberia» was held in Hutchison High School Library in Fairbanks (U.S.A. State of Alaska) on May, 2018.


A greater exhibition of children's drawings was held in Krasnoyarsk in 2017. Participants of the international event were the pupils of Krasnoyarsk art schools, art divisions of children's art schools, studios, classes of the Palaces of Culture, centers of children's art aged 12-16. Due to support of Krasnoyarsk administration, 50 works of the prize-winners and participants were sent to the Russian Center in Fairbanks (U.S.A., State of Alaska). Fairbanks was one of the key cities on the air route in the years of war. In our days, the most famous monument dedicated to Russian and American pilots stands in Fairbanks.


Students of Hutchison High School and representatives of local administration were greatly impressed with Krasnoyarsk children's drawings. It is planned that the exhibition will be shown in other schools and city centers.

It's important to note, that children from the United States for the first time took part in our Krasnoyarsk event thanks to the International project "Children for children". 


 Thus, 3 works by Hutchison High School students became participants of the International Charity Festival "Children to children" in February, 2018. And now the representative of Hutchison High School​ has received the well-deserved award.


The Letters of Appreciation were also awarded to a teacher and to the director of Tanana Middle School​ whose children also participated in International Charity Festival "Children to children" in February, 2018. 


The administration of the city of Krasnoyarsk would also like to say special thanks for the organization of the exhibition in Hutchison High School Library to Svetlana V. Nuss, Ph.D., Adjunct Lecturer of Russian, Department of Foreign Languages and Literaturesof the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

For the reference:

Krasnoyarsk Air Route (more widely known as Air Route "Alaska-Siberia", legendary «ALSIB») is one of the most important examples of the Soviet-American cooperation in the history of the two countries, when, due to the Lend-Lease program from 1942 till 1945 planes were sent from the USA to the USSR. Thus, more than 8,000 aircrafts were timely delivered to the acting army and made a significant contribution to the victory over the common enemy.


Article by the Chief specialist of
International Affairs Division of Mayor's Department
Uliana Makova, uves3@admkrsk.ru