​Letters of gratitude awarded to the organizers and participants of Krasnoyarsk Air Route (ALSIB) 75th Anniversary events

On May 6, on the eve of the Victory Day, in the Victory Memorial Museum took place the ceremony of transfer of the limited edition of exclusive cards "Gifts to the front". The circulation is only 50 copies. Postcards depict aircraft, which residents of the Krasnoyarsk Territory presented to the front. On May 6, 1943, 10 planes "Aerocobra" purchased at the expense of the workers of the Krasnoyarsk Territory were handed over to the 21st Red Banner Guards Air Regiment.


The ceremony participants included the veterans of the Krasnoyarsk Air Route, director of the Krasnoyarsk Museum of Photography Pavel Mikhailov, heads of school museums and researchers of the history of the Krasnoyarsk Air Route. The postcards were designed by the researcher Vyacheslav Filippov and issued by the Krasnoyarsk Museum of Photography and the Victory Memorial Museum. The letters of gratitude from the Mayor of Krasnoyarsk Sergei Eremin were awarded in recognition of the great personal contribution to the preparation and holding of the anniversary events dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of the Krasnoyarsk Air Route (Alaska-Siberia) in 2017. The head of the department "Post number 1" of the municipal youth autonomous institution "Youth military-sports center "Patriot ", the head of the project "Post number 1" in Krasnoyarsk Sergey Pokrovsky and the executive director of the advertising and production company "Bodry Design" Vasily Torgashin, who worked as the head of the Krasnoyarsk Travelers' Center in 2017 also participated in the ceremony.


The most sincere words of gratitude were addressed to August and Irina Schaefer, Anna Vernaya, Natalia Sabelnik, Jeff Geer and Craig Lang, who prepared and held various events in the USA, and also actively participated in our Krasnoyarsk events, starting from 2014. Letters of gratitude for our American friends will be sent to the United States.

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Article was prepared by the Head of International Affairs Division 
of Mayor's Department 
of Krasnoyarsk City Administation
Inna Dozortseva, uves1@admkrsk.ru.