The III International Viktor Tretyakov Violin Competition started in Krasnoyarsk. For two weeks, young musicians will compete for the main prize of the Competition – a 1 million 200 thousand rubles and a rare Knopf bow with a unique sound qualities.


This is the third time the international competition has been held in the home city of the outstanding musician, People's Artist of the USSR, honorary citizen of Krasnoyarsk and the Region, Viktor Tretyakov.

22 talented violinists from Kazakhstan, Japan, Slovenia, China, Canada and Russia gathered for the Competition. Their performances will be watched by the entire music world via a live broadcast.

— This competition is not only a chance to keep in touch with our great fellow countryman Viktor Tretyakov, but also to see how new names are being discovered in the world of music, — said Acting Minister of Culture of the Krasnoyarsk Region Arkady Zinov. – I want Krasnoyarsk to become a kind of launching pad for many participants, a lucky ticket to life.


The jury members themselves are also anticipating the discovery of new stars:

— Generally, the playing technique level is so high nowadays that we look not only at the musician's skill. The main thing is the bright individuality of the performer. If they convey something new, they're already a winner, – says Natalya Likhopoy, artistic director and jury member of the Competition. – The violin is a very interesting instrument: when a person playing it is spiritual, when they posess certain integrity, you can immediately hear it.


At the opening of the Competition, the jury members Daniil Austrich (Russia - Germany) and Xi Chen (China) and the young 13-year-old violinist from China Fengning Guo and 11-year-old Vasilisa Sokolova from Russia performed for the guests.

The official draw took place before the opening ceremony. The Competition's finale is set to be celebrated on October 1 with an award ceremony.

The International Viktor Tretyakov Violin Competition was held for the first time in 2018. 21 musicians from 11 countries took part in it. Four violinists from Japan, China and Russia reached the finale.