Musical play "Rachmaninov. Letters without an answer..." opened the 21st International Festival of Chamber and Orchestral Music "Asia – Siberia – Europe" on the stage of the Krasnoyarsk Opera and Ballet Theatre. The production is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the composer's birthday.

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Years of formation, first victories and failures, first recognition, depression and creative euphoria, friendships with outstanding writers and musicians, then forced emigration, incessant homesickness and constant hard work... The fate of the great composer, pianist and conductor Sergei Rachmaninov is told by letters, diaries, memoirs of Rachmaninov himself and his loved ones. Music was intentionally made an integral part of the play – works by Sergei Rachmaninov performed by St. Petersburg-based pianist Alexander Kashpurin, as well as the most famous orchestral pieces of the composer presented by the Krasnoyarsk Chamber Orchestra, were woven into the play.

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— The Asia-Siberia-Europe Festival has united musical performing arts and drama theatre in its programme for the first time ever, – said the director of the Festival, Honored Artist of Russia Larisa Markosyan. – Krasnoyarsk residents became the first spectators of the play "Rachmaninov. Letters without an answer", as its premiere took place in our city. We are proud that the Krasnoyarsk Chamber Orchestra took part in this unique production, the idea and implementation of which belongs to the creative team from St. Petersburg.

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The director of the performance is Evgenia Boginskaya. Honored Artist of Russia Artur Vakha and actress of the St. Petersburg State Academic Lensovet Theatre Laura Pitskhelauri star in the production.

Mayor of Krasnoyarsk Vladislav Loginov attended the opening of the Festival together with true connoisseurs of orchestral music:

— We are hosting this event for the twenty-first time, and it is always accompanied by creative innovation. The current opening of the festival is proof of that. Bravo to artists, musicians, all creative minds and organizers and, of course, to the Krasnoyarsk Chamber Orchestra! This year we are welcoming musicians from the Republic of Belarus for the first time. I am sure that the Krasnoyarsk listener and our guests will enjoy the Festival immensely.

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The Festival, which will last until September 14, is one full of premieres. A total of twelve premieres will take place in twelve days: two world premieres and ten Krasnoyarsk premieres. On September 5, the Small Hall of the Philharmonica will host the world premiere of the Concerto for cymbals, organ and string orchestra by the Belarusian composer Sergei Yankovich, specially written for the Festival.