​Krasnoyarsk athletes won 18 medals at the Summer Deaflympics Games. The international competition took place in Ufa.


— We sent a representative delegation to the Games. A total of 12 athletes from the Krasnoyarsk Region competed, and now they're back with awards! The team competed in six disciplines, winning medals in each. We are very proud of our athletes, – says Nadezhda Bannikova, director of the Regional Sports Training Centre for Adaptive Sports. 

The Ist Summer Deaflympic Games (for athletes with hearing impairments) are an alternative to the competitions held in 2022 in Brazil. More than 1,500 athletes from 27 countries of the world came to Ufa to compete for awards. The athletes competed in 21 disciplines.

Siberians competed for medals in karate, taekwondo, swimming, judo, Greco-Roman wrestling, and volleyball.

— I won three medals at the Games. I'm very happy and proud specifically of the individual competition in the 50m freestyle. The competition was tight and prize-winning places were separated by hundredths of a second. Still, I pulled myself together and won, – said Polina Zemskova, winner of the Summer Deaflympics in swimming.

The Krasnoyarsk athletes have a month ahead of them to rest and recover, and then prepare for the next competitions.