E-sports have become an integral part of modern culture. Tournaments in many disciplines are held all over the world, including Krasnoyarsk. Often these include team games in the MOBA and shooter genres, such as Dota 2, Counter-Strike, League of Legends and many others. "Sokol Cup", however, stood out from other virtual competitions.


The match took place at the Pixel Computer Club on virtual ice in NHL23. Krasnoyarsk took one of the teams of the hockey championship under their control and arranged knockout matches. The duration of one period is 4 minutes. The tournament was organized by the real Sokol hockey club. Last season was the most significant for them, as the Siberians reached the Major Hockey League finals for the first time in their career. After this success, the popularity of hockey in Krasnoyarsk reached a new level.


— A lot of participants came, although we expected even more. The tournament was promoted everywhere, as it is held jointly with the Sokol Club. It turned out to be a collaboration: real and virtual hockey together, — says Ivan Vishnivetsky, organizer of the Sokol Cup tournament. — I don't really follow hockey myself, but I do attend Sokol matches and really like it.

A total of 38 participants competed for prizes. The most diverse group of players, young and old, avid cyber hockey players and amateurs, tried their hand together.