The opening ceremony of the Open Russian Language Education and Training Centre was held in the Republic of Indonesia. In the Year of the Teacher and Mentor, the Ministry of Education of Russia launched a large-scale project to promote the Russian language abroad. Russian pedagogical universities are already developing partnerships with universities in Asia, Latin America and Africa. 


The Centre in Indonesia was opened by the Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University n.a. V.P. Astafiev together with the Indonesian Sekolah Tinggi Bisnis Runata College. 

Director of the Sekolah Tinggi Bisnis Runata College Lusia Vreyda Adveni emphasized that Indonesian students now have a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in both the Russian language and Russian culture. Principal of the KSPU Maria Kholina also commented on the emergence of a new school in Indonesia:

— By attending the events of the Russian Centre, students in Indonesia will be able to get to know the culture and traditions of Russia better. Everyone who wants to learn Russian has the opportunity to receive a quality education free of charge, and then, if they so wish, continue their education in Russia, as part of an academic exchange. The purpose of our cooperation is the development, support and promotion of friendly relations between the two countries.

The language courses for Indonesian citizens started on July 12. At first, a total of 50 people are set to learn the basics of Russian culture. In addition to language classes, the students will be immersed in the traditions of Russia as well.