The Krasnoyarsk Regional Government's Heads of Divisions, the Governor's Administration and the RF Foreign Ministry Representative held a meeting with a delegation from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (PRC) and discussed issues of developing cooperation. The foreign delegation was headed by Deputy Chairman of the People's Government of the IMAR, Mr. Yang Jin.


Acting Chairman of the Government of the Krasnoyarsk Region Sergei Vereshchagin, welcoming the guests, noted that, despite the adjustments that the COVID-19 pandemic has made to the dynamics of the development of interaction in all areas of life, China has been and remains one of the main trading partners of the region:

— Since 2020, China has been ranked 1st among 98 countries of trade partners of the Krasnoyarsk Region. Indeed, we can see the prerequisites for further growth of foreign trade turnover. We have an increasing number of large, medium and small businesses that are ready to cooperate with companies from China, supplying a wide range of products.

Mr. Yang Jin, Deputy Chairman of the People's Government of the IMAR, shared that in September this year, a business forum on the development of trade, economic and investment cooperation, as well as an exhibition of products from PRC manufacturers, is planned to take place in Krasnoyarsk. The expected number of participants from China is more than 100 representatives of official and business circles.

During the visit, the Chinese delegation also visited timber enterprises in the territory of the region, the founders of which are entrepreneurs from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.


Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is a region in northern China bordering Russia and Mongolia. The population of the region is 25.4 million people. The economy is dominated by agriculture, mining and heavy industry. Since 2019, an Agreement on trade, economic, scientific, technical and humanitarian cooperation has been in force between the Krasnoyarsk Region and the IMAR.