The city has entered the mode of active improvement of urban areas. It is planned to plant a total of 50,000 new trees to beautify the city territory.

This season's landscaping campaign began in the Vodometny lane of the Sverdlovsky district in the Svetly public garden. This is an inclusive platform for people with disabilities, including those with visual impairments.

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To make the territory feel comfortable and refreshing as new, the visually impaired children and blind adults first grew flower seedlings beforehand, and now have finally planted a variety of flowers, such as marigolds, celosia, alyssum, heuchera, in their flower beds. More than 50 people took part in the event.

The landscaping of the garden is taking place within the framework of the joint project "From Seeds to Seeds" of the garden employees with the regional library, which is a centre for the rehabilitation of the visually impaired. The main task is to create a tactile garden on the site, where blind and visually impaired people will be able to distinguish plants by touch and aroma and study them. In the spring, a small laboratory for gardeners was organised in the library, where people with disabilities themselves carefully looked after the sprouts.

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— It is easy for an experienced gardener to plant a flower, but for a blind person it is a big deal that needs to be thought out step by step. These people learn the world with the help of other receptors - they inhale aromas, study plants by touch with their palms. If you close your eyes and run your hand over the plants, you feel something that is inaccessible to sight: rough leaves or velvet flowers. Gardening is part of the rehabilitation and adaptation of blind and visually impaired people, – said Irina Bondareva, head of the department of the Krasnoyarsk Regional Special Library-Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Visually Impaired.

In addition to this site, this fall, about 1,5 thousand young seedlings from the nursery will "move" to urban areas to compensate for the dead wood and trees removed from the streets, demolished due to an emergency condition, for technical and technological reasons. There are plans to plant trees on the streets of all the city districts.

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A separate area of work on landscaping is the decoration of the city with various green compositions and flowers. Work continues on flowerbed spaces and vertical gardening figures, installation of flower baskets. In addition, landscapers presented a new element of green decor to the Mayor of the city – a planter-bouquet. The body of the structure is filled with black soil, where seedlings are planted.

The city has a mandatory unified standard for all organisations, enterprises and residents of the city that are involved in the care of urban green spaces. The document was developed by a group of specialists and, among other things, regulates approaches to pruning trees.