On June 17-18, yet another end of the week is celebrated under the umbrella of the project "YARkiye BEREGA" ("Lively River-Banks") on the Yaryginskaya embankment. Every weekend, citizens and guests of the city alike are invited to an exciting summer trip along the well-maintained Yenisei embankments. That Saturday's theme was Creativity.

On June 17, an event programme dedicated to the Chinese language and culture took place.


The procession of Chinese dragons dancing along the embankment solemnly opened the event. In addition, performances from teachers and students of the Confucius Institute, students of Lyceum No. 1, school No. 17, students of the Siberian State Institute of Arts, Siberian Federal University were presented on the stage. Art-related workshops were located on the upper tier opposite the stage, where everyone had the opportunity to join master classes in Chinese calligraphy, traditional art of red paper cutting Jianzhi, qigong practice, kung fu gymnastics, and traditional dances. On the lower tier, near the stage, there was an exhibition of children's drawings from the archives of the International Charity Festival "Children for children" and a China-themed photo zone.


On Sunday, Krasnoyarsk residents celebrated the All-Russian Olympic Day on the embankment. Children could "high five" the symbols of professional sports clubs - a falcon, a cat and lions. The holiday was continued by municipal and regional sports federations, as acrobats, judo, kendo athletes, powerlifters, gymnasts and many others performed demonstrations for the guests of the project.


The holiday ended with a concert of the world's first dancing disco-house orchestra "Offbeat Orchestra". The artists performed cover versions of famous hits, and after that, an Olympic-themed party was held for all the guests.