This inclusivity project for the blind and visually impaired people was created by Ksenia Nikienko, a student of School of Philology and Language Communication of the Siberian Federal University. 


The project titled "Theatre. To Hear and to Feel" is an audio descriptive commentary tour of the three floors of the Opera and Ballet Theatre with the inclusion of the historical facts about the place. This year, the author graduated from the Department of Journalism and, as part of her graduate qualification work, created a special project aimed at making culture more accessible.

— There are a lot of amazing and fascinating buildings in Krasnoyarsk. Theatres are definitely one of them. However, there are no projects in our city that would set to present the interior of local cultural institutions to visually impaired people. It is one thing to get acquainted with the content of the theatre, and a completely different thing to get acquainted with its atmosphere, the interior. In my opinion, this also very important. People with disabilities also want to get to know this world and fully want to explore the theatres of the city - this is how my project was born.

The commentary was voiced by theatre performers Daria Ryabinko and Sevastyan Martynyuk. They were chosen by the author of the project herself and gladly accepted the offer to take part in such an important project.

One can also listen to the tour from home. It is currently available on the project's official page.