Museum Night is a large festival that brings together performing arts, music, theatre and communication.


From 8 o'clock in the evening all of the six floors of the museum offer music, exhibitions, performances, plays and even lullabies. 

— The name came up naturally, no other options were considered. These aren't the easiest times. For the current situation, noise and entertainment events are improper even. This time we consider the museum as storage, or more precisely, the importance of preserving something common, "grounding". We pay attention to the 'inner condition', and don't try to win over by just a fake façade or simply entertain. For the same reason, you will not hear big names this time. Each participant is a name in themselves, absolutely equal among equals. The usual formats will not go anywhere, but they will acquire a different tone, — said the curator of the Museum Night Eldar Valeev.

The programme states the following: the excursion performance "Eyes Wide Shut" – a walk with closed eyes around the museum, free access to all open exhibitions (from modern Japanese photography to new names of the Krasnoyarsk art environment).

A separate platform is dedicated to the work of Siberian musicians: musicians will be located at different points to help the guests of the Museum Night to be alone with themselves and find something uniting.