​September, 28 marks the official Open House Day at the Confucius Institute of the Pedagogical University named after V.P. Astafiev.

iMYK6eNrNv8.jpg​​​​​​Photo by KSPU n.a. V.P. Astafiev

​The ceremony was attended by many a local official offline, and the Chinese university representatives online, as well as both Russian and Chinese students and those generally interested in Chinese culture. 

​The honored guests of the event delivered welcoming speeches, congratulating everyone on the beginning of the new academic year and wishing many more years of fruitful and neighbourly cooperation. The organizers of the event prepared a concert programme for those present, showed their skills in Chinese poetry, and even performed traditional Chinese dances and martial arts.

ibUQNElLVNA.JPG​​​​​​​​Photo by KSPU n.a. V.P. Astafiev

​​— Open House Day is first and foremost a celebration for freshmen who entered the Confucius Institute this year to study Chinese. In learning a language, it is important not to forget about the traditions of the country. We have a variety of exciting workshops: kung fu, tea ceremonies, Chinese traditional dances, which we demonstrated today. In addition, September 28 is considered the official birthday of the philosopher Confucius, and today all the institutions of the world celebrate Chinese culture, – ​said Olga Grishina, Director of the Institute​.