The Abalakov Days Festival will be held September 15 to 25. The Festival will open with the exhibition titled "Traverse over the Abyss", which presents more than 80 watercolors and drawings, sketches and sculptures from the 30s, photographs and documents from the personal archive of the climber, explorer and writer Evgeny Abalakov's family.

The aforementioned drawings and watercolors were made by Abalakov during high-mountain plein-airs in extreme hiking conditions. Our fellow countryman then made them the basis of the maps he compiled that were the only reliable ones in the world in the 30s of the last century.

Festival organiser, director of the Memorial Museum Tatyana Ivleva said that this year Krasnoyarsk accepted a priceless gift – the heritage of the Abalakov family, preserved by the widow and son of Evgeny Abalakov.

Траверс над бездной.jpg 

— The goal of the Festival is to show all the facets of the personality of the famous Krasnoyarsk citizen as a sculptor, artist and climber. He was the first in the world to make an extreme high-mountain ascent to 7.5 thousand meters above sea level, created the famous sculpture "Male and Female Mountaineers", located on the territory of the sports park of the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow and wrote the book "On the highest peaks".

On September 17, the Festival will host a solemn ceremony of canceling postcards with a reproduction of a drawing by Evgeny Abalakov, printed specifically for the Abalakov Days. The postcards will be stamped with a unique stamp. From the moment it is applied, it becomes a collector's item. Anyone can get it. The number of postcards is limited.

On September 21, the organisers will present more than 300 photographs taken in the Caucasus and Pamir mountains in Krasnoyarsk Cinema House.

In addition, guided tours to the Krasnoyarsk Stolby National Park, as well as to places in Krasnoyarsk connected with the life and work of the Abalakov brothers, are planned during the Festival.