​Today Sergei Eremin spoke at an unscheduled session of the City Council to sum up almost five years of activity as Mayor of Krasnoyarsk.


In his final speech as Mayor, Sergei Eremin drew attention to the strategic areas of the Administration's work, which not only brought tangible results, but showed their relevance in practice and found, most important of all, the support of the city's residents.

As is the tradition, at the end of his speech Sergei Eremin asked the deputies to accept his application for early resignation from the post of Mayor.


After Eremin's appeal, the majority of deputies accepted his resignation. The deputies then approve the decision on the competition for the post of Mayor of Krasnoyarsk.

Vladislav Loginov, the first Vice-Mayor of the city, will temporarily act as Mayor after the early resignation of Sergei Eremin starting August 3.

Later, from the candidates who will take part in the competition for the title, the Council will choose one at the autumn session. Krasnoyarsk residents will therefore be able to know the name of Eremin's successor as Mayor in September.