The builders have begun the first stage of arranging a new inclusive recreational location. It will be developed along the alley between the Sports Palace and a local State Inspectorate. The project of the inclusive park was developed by the Krasnoyarsk company Art-Stroy in cooperation with the Obnazhennye Serdtsa Foundation.

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The park is designed primarily for children and adolescents with disabilities. The area of the territory is 3.5 thousand square meters. The contract giver, municipal Centre for Sports Clubs, plans to equip the park with playgrounds and sports grounds for children of different ages, a sandbox, a workout area and a green garden.

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— Before designing this park, we conducted a survey and cataloguing of green spaces. To ensure the safety of children who will play on this site, it is necessary to remove all overgrown old poplars, as the branches break and fall from the slightest wind, – says Associate Professor of the Department of Breeding and Gardening of the Institute of Forest Technologies of Siberian State University Tatiana Aksyanova. 

The construction of the park is only the first stage of work. In the future, next to this territory, it is planned to build a Centre for Physical Culture and Sports for the visitors in need to have the opportunity to enjoy courses in physical therapy and massage.

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For Krasnoyarsk, a responsible approach to greenery and inclusion is one of the main priorities when it comes to general urban development. The international programme titled the Tree Cities of the World​ recognized Krasnoyarsk's efforts and named the city among those most successful in celebrating urban trees and forest.