The Museum-Estate of Vasily Surikov launched a special video tour for people with hearing impairment titled Surikov Out Loud.


Anastasia Askarova, the author of the project, is a graduate of the School of philology and language communication of Siberian Federal University. Together with the staff of the Museum-Estate, she developed a website in the long read format, through which hearing-impaired visitors, including children, can learn about the house of the great painter and the life of the Siberian Cossacks.


— Anastasia did a great job: she found a Russian sign language interpreter, figured out how to get the kids engaged even after they watch the video, collected all the interactive online activities on one platform, – the Museum shared.

The site published a video tour of the estate and the permanent exhibition of the museum, which is conducted by a professional Russian sign language interpreter. Anyone can watch the video in the museum itself as well, using their smartphone.


After watching the tour, you can play a video game, assemble online puzzles depicting the artist's Siberian landscapes, and take a quiz to test your knowledge.