​Since the beginning of this summer, a red deer and an elk female calves have been transferred to the Krasnoyarsk Roev Ruchey Zoo.


The flora and fauna park representatives said that the calves were saved by the locals. The elk was found in the village of Ogur, Balakhtinsky District, where it squeaked in the thickets of trees. They searched for the calf's mother for two days, but the inspectors never managed to find her.

— The found elk belongs to the Uzhur-Kuznetsk-Achinsk subpopulation, which is listed in the Red Book of the Krasnoyarsk Region. Weakened and frightened, the calf was taken to Roev Ruchey, where veterinarians provided it with emergency care. We figured out a diet - a replacement for mother's milk, vitamins, organized round-the-clock monitoring. We carried out a whole range of quarantine measures that lasted a month, – Roev Ruchey stated.


Just a day after, a tiny female red deer also got into the park, just a week old – tourists found her during rafting in the Berezovsky District near the borders of the Krasnoyarsk reserve. According to one version, the calf could've wandered off its mother and gotten lost.

Both calves went through quarantine, became friends and moved into a large open enclosure.


— Both feel alright, have a good appetite, and are already trying "adult" food - branches, hay. You can see them in an open enclosure, not far from the camels, – the veterinarians added.

When the animals grow up, they will most likely stay in the Zoo.