This year's June 1 was marked with a big celebration titled "Peace for Children" took place in Teatralnaya Square. The main event was a series of creative flash mobs, in which more than 1,000 children took part.

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The programme took off with a performance by Krasnoyarsk Brass Band. The artists performed melodies from popular Russian and foreign cartoons such as The Bremen Town Musicians, The Fixies and many others.

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The highlight of the celebration was, obviously, the parade of flash mobs. Young vocalists sang the anthem of the city; dancers lead khorovods, reciters read excerpts from Korney Chukovsky's fairy tales in unison. Athletes also took to the square and demonstrated some cool tricks. Finishing the parade of flash mobs were young painters, as the children drew dozens of flying birds on the paving.

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— Peace for Children is our first full-fledged Children's Day celebration programme since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. That is why the City Administration set itself the task of making this event truly large-scale. In short, it all worked out, – said the head of the main department of culture Lyubov Sakharova. – On this day, the most proavtive visionaries from the city districts gathered in Teatralnaya Square and showed themselves to the whole city, and how great they can sing, dance, draw, what successes they are making in sports and reciting poetry.

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The concert programme was also joined by creative teams from art schools, Palaces of Culture and educational institutions. The holiday ended with a performance by the Krasnoyarsk chamber choir. The artists performed both classical and modern versions of some of the most well-known children's songs.

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In addition, the participants and guests of the celebrations had the opportunity to join the process of assembling a jigsaw puzzle of Russia and the Krasnoyarsk Region together with the staff of the local library or copy Vasily Surikov's landscape paintings with an expert from the renowned artist's Museum-Estate. One could also play mini-golf, mini-football and other popular games on the playgrounds of the city's sports schools.