​​The team of the Krasnoyarsk Region won the team scoring of the XXI Youth Delphic Games of Russia.


According to the results of the official team championship, the places were distributed as follows:

  • 1st — Krasnoyarsk Region

  • 2nd — Novosibirsk Region

  • 3rd — Samara Region

  • 4th — Moscow Region

  • 5th — Perm Region

  • 6th — Irkutsk Region

    The team of the Krasnoyarsk Region has 102 awards, including 13 gold medals, 21 silver, 23 bronze and 45 special diplomas.

    The participants won gold medals in the following categories: Group Folk Singing, Woodwind Instruments, Classical Dance, Theatre Workshop, TV Journalism, Videoblogging, Street Dance, Epidemiology and Bioinformatics, Academic Singing, Accordion, Culinary art, Violin.

    This year, the participants took part in a record number of categories, as the total reached 34. People gathered from different parts of the country - in total 79 regions of Russia were represented. In each nomination there is a highly professional jury, which includes folk, honored artists, professors, doctors of art history, doctors of sciences.


    Andrei Gantselevich, head of the delegation of the Krasnoyarsk Region:

    — It's the high professional level of the participants that helped our team win. For us, victory in each category holds a special value, since the competition is very high; after all, a total of 79 regions participate. So every medal is both important and valuable, and to some extent unexpected. The Delphic Games are a unique competition. Of course, there are specialized competitions among musicians, dancers, performers, but there is no such large-scale event in various categories - from classical to the most modern - in the country. In addition, in specialized competitions, participants represent themselves, and in the Delphic Games they represent their region. And this sense of responsibility - it, of course, distinguishes the Games from other competitions

    The XXI Youth Delphic Games of Russia became the national qualifying stage for the formation of the Russian team, which will take part in the XVI Youth Delphic Games of the CIS member states and the First Youth Arctic Delphic Games, which will be held in cities Syktyvkar and Vorkuta.