Soloist of the Opera and Ballet Theatre Mikhail Pirogov and artist of the Youth Theatre Marina Baboshina became laureates of the Golden Mask award.


The Russian National Theater Award and Festival "Golden Mask", established in 1993, is one of the most prestigious theatre awards.

Mikhail Pirogov received the Golden Mask for the first time. Experts appreciated his character of Solovey Budimirovich from the opera "Bogatyrs". But for the Theatre as a whole, this mask is the second. In 2019, "Theresia's Breasts" were staged in its loft, and this opera was awarded a special Golden Mask prize for mastering the experimental space.


— "Bogatyrs" is a unique production, as this is the revival of a forgotten work that has not been staged for a long time. "Bogatyrs" has such a fate, it was only performed twice before  Krasnoyarsk. There were premieres, and they were closed immediately for various reasons, even political ones. Rarely does a state theatre dare to experiment, but our risk turned out to be justified. Both "Theresia's Breasts" and "Bogatyrs" are operas staged in the loft.

Marina Baboshina received the Golden Mask for the female supporting role. The jury praised her Dolly in Anna Karenina. The actress of the Krasnoyarsk Youth Theatre has already been nominated for the Golden Mask award for her role as Katerina Felzen in the play "Maria" in the Drama / Female Role category.