The exhibition «[sic]» will open on February 7. More than 30 invited artists will be speaking about Siberia (and for Siberia!).


The project's focus is on extensively developing  the ideas of the 2013 United States of Siberia exhibition, as well as expanding the existing archives and presenting the works of a new young generation of authors. 

«Siberian ironical conceptualism» is an exhibition-manifesto of the art movement of the same name existing since the late 90s that represents new Siberian art on both the Russian and international art scene.

«The heart of the exhibition are the very works of the co-founders of the movement. The Siniye Nosuy (The Blue Noses) art group (Moscow-Novosibirsk) compares images from everyday life of an ordinary person, like, for example, the reality of television news in the author’s prints «NATO, WELCOME», with a criticism of the non-democratic art by the Avantgarde Monkeys. Krasnoyarsk artist Vasily Slonov collects and plays with the stereotypical ideas about infamous Siberian rigor in a humorous fashion in the series of art objects titled «Imperial Kokoshniks». The creator of Bednotown (Poortown) in his home city Omsk Damir Muratov addresses the topic of Soviet nostalgia in his Bears on Mars and Deers on the Moon works aimed at reminding the public of wall carpets familiar to all of us from the interiors of many an apartment. The sculpture «Lenin in winter attire» by Natasha Yudina (Tomsk), previously exhibited at the Art Riot: Post-Soviet Actionism (Saatchi Gallery) in London, is also to be presented,» – the project description states.


CC19 (the Cultural Centre, Novosibirsk) acts as organiser of the project.

The project includes art of a new young generation of Siberian artists close to the SIC [Siberian ironical conceptualism]: a project by the Monstration co-founder Artem Loskutov (Novosibirsk/Moscow) in the art of painting, a series of objects «The Faith Crisis» by Mayana Nasybullova (Novosibirsk/Moscow) and a localised take on the theme of modernism in the present by Krasnoyarsk artist Alexander Zakirov