Minister of Ecology and Sustainable Development of the Krasnoyarsk Region with French journalists from 'Radio France'. In an informal setting, the participants discussed the environmental situation in the region, as well as measures to improve it.


On the eve of the World Climate Summit, the foreign journalists are preparing a series of articles on large Russian cities' environmental situations.

A representative of the radio station Claude Bruillot immediately shared his impressions of Krasnoyarsk. He admitted he liked the city very much because it manages to harmoniously combine comfortable infrastructure, tasteful landscaping against the backdrop of a developing industry.

The Minister spoke about the main measures implemented in order to improve the environment in the cities of Krasnoyarsk and Norilsk. The Head of the Ministry dwelled on plans to reduce the load on the atmosphere in the industrial centres of the region, and also shared data on how over the past five years Krasnoyarsk saw a positive trend in reducing emissions of pollutants into the air.