​The Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Region held a meeting with  Frederik Paulsen, the Swedish scientist, philanthropist and traveller, a member of the Russian Geographical Society Supervisory Board. The main focus of the discussion was his project for the development of Khatanga. The traveller and scientist shared he sees the northern settlement as the centre for the development of Arctic tourism.


According to Mr Paulsen, the geographical position of Khatanga makes it a true rendezvous point for tourists who want to visit the North Pole. Starting from the village, travellers can get to the Barneo station by plane, and then by helicopter get  to the desired area of the North Pole. This route will allow tourists to get acquainted with the nature of the Russian north, and the villagers to create their own projects to work with tourists. Frederik Paulsen has already invested in the Zapolyarye Hotel in Khatanga and has by now begun reconstruction of the building. He also bought an AN-74 plane to transport potential travellers.

It is clear that such projects are vital for the remote Siberian areas, since they encourage development of the infrastructure of settlements, in this case Khatanga, and benefit the residents who live there as well as tourists.