Museum-Estate of G.V. Yudin invites everyone to take part in the 'France in Krasnoyarsk' online event. The winners are to be randomly selected and announced no later than April 27.


By April 25, participants need to film and post a two-minute-max video dedicated to France on their social media accounts, be it a performance of a French song or poem, a dance or a video recipe for a French dish. The post can also be a drawing or a photo related to the beautiful country.

The content posted must be provided with hashtags #ФранциянаЮдинке2021 #Красноярск #Красноярск2021 #jaimefrance #mafrance, and a subscription to the official Yudinka accounts.

This online challenge is dedicated to the year of interregional cooperation between Russia and France kickstarted on March 20, 2021 in Paris.

All that leads the city to April 29, when the Krasnoyarsk Regional Museum of Local Lore will officially open a large-scale exhibition project 'Siberia – France. Interconnections'. Stay tuned!