The end of April is about to get much more exciting. On April 29, Krasnoyarsk "Kamenka" space alongside blogger Oksana Hikmatulina will host the very first Russian Meme Festival, while the space itself will transform into the Meme Palace. Kamenka is to assume the role of the chief organiser. Among their other plans is to fill the space – the entirety of its three floors – with memes.


The festival will feature some favourite memes from some of our famous local residents, as well as some thematic meme collections. The invited experts will talk about memes from the historical and scientific points of view – the experts' identities are yet to be disclosed, though. 

— Within the framework of the project, there will also be a 'Meme Laboratory', where editors of famous internet communities will be teaching those interested how to create memes. We also intend to present memes as art, however, therefore we invited Krasnoyarsk artists to participate, too — for example, the fan-favorite Vasily Slonov. A series of his works will be presented at the festival.