On March 27, the last sets of the FIS Junior World Championships 2021 awards were finally played. Snowboarders have identified the strongest in the women's and men's parallel giant slalom competitions.


The last competitions were attended by 18 teams from Russia, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Austria, Japan, Italy and Korea. Each team consisted of two athletes. The young men started the race first, followed by the women with a handicap obtained by their partners.

In the finale, Yaroslav Stepanko created a serious 'head start' for his partner, Sofia Nadyrshina. As a result, the Russian woman athlete finished first, and Japan-2 got silver.


The team ski cross competition winners were also determined on the final day of the Championships.

12 teams from Russia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Switzerland and Austria took part in the competition, each team including 2 athletes.

Long story short, the Austrian team (Christina Federmayr, Oliver Firthaler) became the winners of the 2021 Championships in Team Ski Cross!


The athletes of the Russian national team won at the FIS Junior World Championships 2021 a total of 34 medals: 9 gold, 2 silver and 10 bronze medals in freestyle disciplines and 6 gold, 2 silver and 5 bronze medals in snowboard disciplines.


«During the FIS Junior World Championships, Krasnoyarsk turned into the world sports centre basically, — noted Sergei Ladyzhenko, General Director of the Yenisei Siberia Development Corporation. — The amount of training the participants put into this is enormous, so we can confidently say that the winners and prize-winners of these competitions can very well become participants of the 'adult' World Championships and the Olympics  in the future. I am very glad that a large number of Krasnoyarsk residents and guests of our city supported the athletes: over 10 days of the competition, more than 14 thousand spectators attended the events. It should be noted that the programme of events was not limited to sports: entertainment locations, a cultural programme – the atmosphere of a real holiday reigned near the Sopka cluster! A remarkable result of it all was that the International Ski Federation, the Russian Freestyle Federation and the Russian Snowboard Federation highly appreciated the level of organisation of the championship – this was very important for us to hear!»