Four exhibitions, perfectly reflecting the changing seasons, open in Krasnoyarsk. The art events offer a wide variety of eye candy for all willing to visit – delicate pastel paintings, watercolor flowers, eternal spring imagery and enchantingly happy works by Anastasia Mezhova.​

Anastasia Mezhova's solo exhibition


Anastasia Mezhova's art draws attention with its bright mentality, light and somehow trembling manner and a special 'luminous' colouring. Her paintings are all landscapes, still lifes and portraits, seemingly filled with musical sound.

The artist is the winner of many an award and a participant of many an artists' plein air all across the Russian Federation. As a result of her creativity-filled trips, she gains vast professional experience and then reflects it in wonderful series of works about Khakassia, Crimea, Krasnoyarsk Regions.




Guests will be able to lay their eyes on some true serious art, appreciate the works of famous Krasnoyarsk masters, their creative individuality and the highest level of skill. The exhibition features works by famous Krasnoyarsk artists: Alla Orlova, Rumyana Vnukova, Igor Bashmakov, Olga Eselevich, Vladimir Pereyatenets, Sergey Popechets, Viktor Borodin, Svetlana Doroshchenko, Natalia Nikolenko, Lyudmila Turchanova and many others.




A sweet exhibition by Krasnoyarsk artists Lyubanya Cheltemova, Natalia Tinkova and Alena Naymushina dedicated to spring and flowers. The exhibition features watercolor works and is expected to be accompanied by art workshops and photo sessions.


«Eternal Spring»


Exhibition of works by the artist Olga Zyuzina.

In the centre of the exhibition are women, in whose minds peace and tranquility exist in full unadulterated unity with nature. The guests will enjoy meeting forest nymphs, find themselves on mountain peaks, in gardens of dreams, go on a flight, enveloped in the night, where each heroine promises to reveal her mysterious world to them.