​Memorial sign in honor of future North Reclaiming Museum was established on Molokova  Island.

Solemn ceremony of groundbreaking on the territory of future North Reclaiming  Museum took place on Molokova  Island in Krasnoyarsk today. Chairman of the Government of Krasnoyarsk region Viktor Tomenko, Head of of Youth Policy Marina Egorova, representatives of the Expedition center of the Russian Geographical Society in the Siberian Federal District, veterans-polar explorers, activists of children and youth military-patriotic movement «Unarmy»,  participants of «Post № 1» project and cadets of the military-engineering institute of the Siberian Federal University participated in this event.


On behalf of the Governor and the Government of the Krasnoyarsk region , Prime Minister Viktor Tomenko greeted participants and  noted that this event is very significant for the region. «Expedition center of the Russian Geographical Society in the Siberian Federal District came forward with an initiative to construct a North Reclaiming  Museum. I think, this idea is timely and right. Krasnoyarsk region and, its almost half of territory belonged to the Arctic part of Russia, have something to show to the world. This is not only our geographical past, but it is also an active reclaiming of today’s North. This is a wonderful nature and people who dedicate their lives to the North reclaiming. The museum territory was chosen not only due to the history of this place, from where our polar aviation started,  but also due to the following city development priorities. Molokova  Island will become one more promenade zone for citizens soon»,- Viktor Tomenko said.


Krasnoyarsk played a crucial role in reclaiming of  North and North-East territories as a largest base of polar aviation and one of the biggest division of  Main Department of northern sea rout in 1920-1940.   Krasnoyarsk territory was the most north-eastern part of the country where military operations against fascist Germany took place during the Great Patriotic War. This is Dikson Islands’s heroic defense. Krasnoyarsk was the key place of the legendary Krasnoyarsk air rout (air rout «Alaska- Siberia») where aircrafts were delivered from the United States to the Soviet Union by the Lend-Lease program. More than 8 thousands of new, imported, combat aircrafts from Krasnoyarsk were delivered to the front.

North Reclaiming Museum will be built in the territory of the Molokova  Island not coincidentally. The base of the Krasnoyarsk squadron of aviation of the Main Northern Sea Route and aviation workshops were located on the Veal Island , later renamed in honor of the legendary pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union - Vasily Molokov. Air reclaiming of Arctic territories started right from this place.  Abakan canal of the Yenisei river served as a take-off strip for seaplanes. Krasnoyarsk became the main base of polar aviation - «gates of the Far North», as polar pilots called it.


An honorable navigator of Soviet Union, veteran-polar, member of Expedition center of the Russian Geographical Society in the Siberian Federal District Valentin Udalov noted: «What goes around comes around. Krasnoyarsk region is rich because of its events dedicated to the North reclaiming. Polar aviation of our region started right from this place. Collection all the remarkable historic materials and demonstration them to everyone - is a very good decision».

«Douglas C-47» airplane is planning to become  one of the exhibit in the North Reclaiming  Museum. «Douglas C-47» airplane made an emergency landing in Taimyr in 1947. The plane was laying in the tundra for many years, but it was well conserved and it was evacuated to Krasnoyarsk last year.  Avilina Antsiferova, daughter of legendary commander of the «Douglas C-47» airplane Maxim Turikov, whose plane was evacuated by the Expedition center of the Russian Geographical Society in the Siberian Federal District, participated in this expedition and addressed to the audience today: «My futher gave me a name in honor of the aviation line. I took part in a meeting with the crews, in which  Russian, American and Canadian aviators were included in 2015. With great pleasure, I took part in a unique expedition in Taimyr. With afflutered  heart, I still remember this time.  My soul and heart are still there, in Taimyr. We all wish this plane, which is the object of national history, to be restored, so that everyone can see it. I like this place and I'm very glad, that the museum will be constructed here».

The Head of the Expedition center of the Russian Geographical Society in the Siberian Federal District Igor Spiridenko noted, that conceptions of future museum is developing right now. It will be not a static object based only on archival materials, but an interactive complex - park-museum. Igor Spiridenko presented to participants of the ceremony memorable books and photo report about the expedition «Douglas». After that, children from patriotic organizations opened a memorial sign.