​Festive events dedicated to the «75 Years to secret Alaska-Siberia Air Route» started in Kirovskiy district, Krasnoyarsk.

City game «Brain-ring» become the first festive event. 13 Teams of high school students participated in «Brain-ring». Originators prepared more than 70 questions about the ALSIB history , starting from its original name and ending the type of fuel, which was used by American airplanes.

Alaska-Siberia Air Route played a huge role for the front. 8904 Military and  transport planes were delivered to USSR from USA  during 3 war years.

The ALSIB history is indissolubly connected with our city. Krasnoyarsk city was the initial and final location point of the secret air route. Aircraft repair manufactories located in the right bank of a Yenisei river, Krasnoyarsk. Moreover,  a building «Aviation House» is still located in Kirovskiy district, Krasnoyarsk. It was built in 1934 especially for pilots and technical staff of the Polar aviation. Specialists, serving the Alaska-Siberia Air Route, lived in this house during the years of the Great Patriotic War.

Participants of the game demostarted a high level of preparation. Head of the  Kirovskiy district administration Shloma A.G. presented grateful letters to the winners of the game: « Lyceum №11 didn’t accidentally become one of the spaces for holding anniversary events. Museum includes one of the most crucial exposition dedicated to the polar aviation of Krasnoyarsk region and work of  secret Alaska-Siberia Air Route is located in Lyceum №11.  Pupils of a Lyceum and director of Museum conducted a lot of research works, collected unique materials and did excavations. Thanks to the organizers for turning to such an important events for our history and involving young people into the research works».

Thematic exhibition «On the Scaffolds» dedicated to the «75 Years to secret Alaska-Siberia Air Route» will become the next festive event in Krasnoyarsk.