Representatives of nine companies from Mongolia visited Krasnoyarsk to meet with entrepreneurs of the Krasnoyarsk Region.


Events with the participation of foreign delegations took place within the framework of the national projects "Small and Medium Enterprises" and "International Cooperation and Export" by the Export Support Centre. More than 30 business meetings were held during the visit, in which 11 enterprises of the Krasnoyarsk Region of tourism, timber industry, shipbuilding, furniture and building materials, etc. participated to varying degree. The delegation were also offered guided excursions to enterprises, including "Grand Retail", "Profilnye Linii", "Kras-Balance", "Severboat", "Albatross", "Krasnoyarsk Boat Company", "Teplofon", "Sibway."

The result of the visit of Mongolian representatives was the signing of several preliminary agreements on the supply of lumber, PVC boats, food stuff.

— The business mission format is one of the most effective, since it gives manufacturers the opportunity to get a holistic impression of the potential sales market, get to know future business partners, visit their production facilities or trading platforms. This is not the first reverse business mission this year. We'd already welcomed businessmen from Kazakhstan and the United Arab Emirates, – says Natalia Abramova, head of the "My Business" Export Support Centre.

The products of Krasnoyarsk companies are of great interest to foreign partners: wild plants, honey, grain, building materials, fertilizers, etc. In total, 15 foreign companies and 48 local representatives of small and medium-sized businesses took part in the meetings this year.

When organising reverse business missions, the centre's specialists develop an individual business programme for each entrepreneur, select potential business partners, and assist in preparing participants' presentations.