In Krasnoyarsk, a showroom for local brands is being aunched by the Siberian Institute for the Development of Creative Industries. The new space will be located in the city center on the premises of the former Kvant plant at Krasnoy Armii St., 10 and will host a shop and an exhibition area.

Currently the Institute collects applications from manufacturers whose products can be presented in the space. Until October 21, creators are invited to fill out a short questionnaire: https://vk.cc/charb6​. There they need to describe their product or project and leave contact information.


Presence in the showroom gives entrepreneurs a free point of sale in the city center, various promotion formats from the Siberian Institute for the Development of Creative Industries, and the opportunity to interact and collaborate with other residents.

The showroom is one of the support measures that we offer to creative businesses. An important advantage is that it is located in the center, and entrepreneurs can stay there for free. Plus, this format allows to effectively promote local brands, through social networks, the showroom's online store and the work of the production center of our Development Institute. On the other hand, we want to make the showroom a sought-after place for those who want to buy goods for themselves or as a gift from local manufacturers. Therefore, we hope for the interest and activity of the creative community and are looking forward to applications. They will help us assess what kind of goods the Krasnoyarsk creative business is already producing.

Alexander Chernikov, Director of the Siberian Institute for the Development of Creative Industries.

It is planned to completely renew the offered range of products every three months. The showroom will also host regular exhibitions and educational public events devoted to art, architecture, fashion, and design.​