Members of the Mayor's Youth Labour Squad painted pictures on retaining walls in the Sovietsky district. The kids cleaned the surfaces of old graffiti, and then painted them over. They managed to create true works of street art based on some sketches of their own creation.

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Throughout the working season, the members helped to clean up the area in general. In the past four months alone, they have collected more than 4,500 bags of household waste and pulled nearly 20,000 illegal advertisements from lampposts and such.

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The Mayor's Youth Labour Squad has existed since 2004. This year, 471 people were employed in the Sovietsky district during the summer period. Among them are children from single-parent families who are in a socially dangerous situation, schoolchildren with disabilities and children from low-income families.

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— This year, the members also took an active part in organising major regional events – for example, the City Day and the anniversary of the Solnechny microdistrict. Working as volunteers, the kids learn to establish contact with events' guests and artists. Such skills, of course, will be useful in the life of any teenager, – said the head of the administration of the Sovietsky district Elena Lanina.

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