​At the end of the summer, the art brigade of the Mayor's Youth Labour Squad reported on the work done this season. In the Oktyabrsky district, they painted 44 walls and created 19 art objects. The boarding house "Veteran", a playground near Kirensky St 32, kindergarten №43 and lyceum №1 became the territories for the realization of the artistic thought.

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In 2022, the Youth Labour Squad development concept was revised. The Squad was divided into five main areas: "Clean City", "Hospitable City", "Caring City", "Professional City" and "Comfortable City". The team of artists belongs to the "Comfortable City" direction and is engaged in the artistic design of spaces. This team accepts only those who have the appropriate skills and experience.

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The kids came up with the concepts and sketches for decorating the walls themselves, then they coordinated them with the curators from the client organisations providing them with the supplies. For example, the management of the property management company suggested that the children paint a playground on Kirensky St, another order came from teachers of Lyceum No. 1. Here, the art team acted strictly according to the terms of reference, the kids managed to complete the work for the elementary school a week before the start of the school year.

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— The result of the art team's hard work is an ideal example of when enterprising and enthusiastic residents of the district were able to realize their ideas with the hands of artists. I'm glad to be a part of this! – shared Sofia Chuslina, worker of the Youth Labour Squad.

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Recall that in addition to the implementation of the art direction, the Youth Labour Squad of the Oktyabrsky district department collected 4,985 bags of garbage this summer and eliminated 8,326 illegal advertisements, which significantly exceeds the results of the first half of the year - 1,881 bags of garbage and 1,875 ads.

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— Last year, after a long isolation period, it was much more difficult to start work. We were removing 20 bags of garbage a day. This summer it's already 7-8 bags. The area is becoming noticeably cleaner, also thanks to the workers of the Labour Squad. We hope that this trend continues, – said Alexander Gorelov, commander of the department of the Oktyabrsky district of the Youth Labour Squad.