From September 3 to 13, the musicians gave a total of 9 concerts. The programme included opera and choral music, music for wind and string instruments and piano, a presentation of an ancient national instrument called tar, one world premiere, and an open-air concert. Star guests of the Festival took part in workshops for students and teachers of professional musical educational institutions of the city.

The anniversary Festival offered a particularly special programme. Leading soloists and ensembles from Russia and abroad became guests of the music forum. Soprano Anna Aglatova, wind quintet and string quartet of the Bolshoi Theatre, along with pianist and composer Riad Mammadov, tar player and Honored Artist of Azerbaijan Aliaga Sadiev, the Concert Choir of the city of St. Petersburg all took part in the "Asia – Siberia – Europe" Festival. The conductors of the festival programmes were Arsenty Tkachenko, Mikhail Mering, Vladimir Begletsov and Mikhail Benyumov. The performances took place on the best stages of the city: the Krasnoyarsk Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Small and Organ Halls of the Krasnoyarsk Philharmonic.

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The final chord of the Festival was the "Return to Italy" performance, which brought listeners and participants back to the origins of the forum. The birth of the Festival, which was originally called "Siberia – Italy", is connected precisely with Italy. After the Italian tour of the Krasnoyarsk Chamber Orchestra, the idea was born to acquaint Siberian classical lovers with the best performers in Europe. The first foreign guests of the festival in 2001 were, in fact, Italian musicians. On September 13, the performed pieces were by composers whose work embodies the musical art of Italy: Antonio Vivaldi, Gaetano Donizetti, Nino Rota.

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Two groups performed on the stage - the Concert Choir of the city of St. Petersburg and the Krasnoyarsk Chamber Orchestra. Two maestros graced the podium that evening – Mikhail Benyumov and Vladimir Begletsov, artistic directors of the orchestra and choir respectively.

— The Choir is one of the main musical gems of the Northern capital, a team of impeccable creative reputation and masterly skills, – says the festival director, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Larisa Markosyan. – The organizer of the festival, the Krasnoyarsk Chamber Orchestra, has creative cooperation with it: our joint performance took place in the Great Concert Hall of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic in 2020. I really wanted to introduce Krasnoyarsk residents to such a unique team. And two years later, thanks to the support of the Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg, we managed to do it. 

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The next performances of the municipal orchestra will take place in St. Petersburg and Moscow. On September 15, the orchestra leaves on tour.