The exhibition dedicated to the long-term and fruitful cooperation of Krasnoyarsk and the Krasnoyarsk Region with China in various fields opened in the Central City Library named after A.M. Gorky.

— The exhibition gives an understanding of how our countries, regions and cities are historically interconnected for a long time. A truly rich and vibrant history of interaction is presented in the exhibits, – said the Deputy Head of the Department - Head of the Department of International Affairs Division of Mayor's Department Inna Dozortseva.

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Diplomats, historians, students, musicians and artists thanked each other for their cooperation and enjoyed the exhibition together. The works of traditional Chinese painting on rice paper were particularly popular with the guests. They were also told about the history and features of the sound of the ancient musical instruments pipa and guqin. The books about China presented piqued interest of scientists and book dealers at the library – the organisers opened access to 14 rare pre-revolutionary publications about the geography of the country, about how China was represented by Europeans, about the way of life and religion of the inhabitants of the Greater China.

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In addition, the exhibition offers an exclusive look at badges and tokens made of silver on the theme of Chinese astronautics, courtesy of Krasnoyarsk collectors. The exposition includes 20 postcards with rare pre-revolutionary views of China and 26 postcards depicting Chinese astronauts, also called taikonauts (from the Chinese "taikong" – space).

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With the help of a QR code, guests of the exhibition will be able to familiarize themselves with authentic historical and archival documents. For example, they can learn about the plan of the city of Harbin in 1920 and 1938, or about Ataman (military commander) A.N. Tyalshinsky of the Cossack army of the Yenisei Cossack village in Harbin.

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Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Vladimir Datsyshen emphasized: 

— Our city has played an important role in the entire history of the development of cooperation between the two countries for all 400 years of the relationship existing. Krasnoyarsk residents have made a huge contribution to the study of the history of cooperation between China and Russia at different stages of this development. Interaction with China is very significant in the development of both the city as a whole and the entire Yenisei province. Unfortunately, such exhibitions are very rare, which is why I hope that they will become a recurrent event. Exhibition "Siberia – China. Then and Now" has become an extremely important event for all of us.

The exhibition will remain opened  at the Central Library until October 1, 2022.​​​