​From September 3 to 13, 2022, Krasnoyarsk is hosting the 20th anniversary Festival of Chamber and Orchestral Music Asia-Siberia-Europe. The concerts of the XX Festival also open the thirtieth season of the Krasnoyarsk Chamber Orchestra, which is the organiser and permanent participant of the music forum.

— People cannot live without art. Art is the best part of ourselves. Our festival expands the boundaries of perception of beauty and enriches the soul. In practical sense as well, as every star who comes here holds a workshop or another for young musicians, bringing them closer to the heights of mastery, – said the Honoured Artist of Russia and the Festival's director Larisa Markosyan.

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A special musical programme presenting leading soloists and music groups from Russia and abroad has been prepared for the anniversary Festival. Concerts will be held on the best stages of the city: the Krasnoyarsk Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Dmitri Hvorostovsky, the Small Hall and the Organ Hall of the Krasnoyarsk Philharmonic. In honor of the twentieth anniversary of the Asia-Siberia-Europe Festival, Krasnoyarsk residents have the opportunity to enjoy performances that include music for wind, string instruments and piano, a presentation of an ancient national instrument called tar, an open-air concert, as well as opera and choral music.

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Opera diva of the Bolshoi Theatre Anna Aglatova shared that it is a great honour for her to perform at the Krasnoyarsk Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Dmitri Hvorostovsky: 

— The most important, correct and empathetic thing I can do in memory of him is to sing on his land and in his honour. Those feelings that are in me from this hurt that he is not with us, they are embodied in emotions during the performance of parts in which there are words about life and death, about love and oblivion. In general, we have like mad mutual love with Krasnoyarsk. You, the people of Siberia, are as close as possible to us, the people of the Caucasus. The warmth and hospitality that is characteristic of you is also in us. And I can feel it.

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The participants and spectators of the festival were greeted by the Acting Mayor Vladislav Loginov: 

— Thanks to music, for which there are no borders, even in this difficult time, Krasnoyarsk remains one of the leading national platforms for the creative dialogue of classical music stars. This concert further confirmed my opinion that our city is a unique place where artists and spectators together create an incredible atmosphere and present each other with a piece of their souls. I thank all the participants of the festival and our wonderful team of the Krasnoyarsk Chamber Orchestra for their support and continuation of traditions.

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On the eve of the opening of the festival, the Acting Mayor of Krasnoyarsk met with the conductor of the opening concert of the festival, Deputy Artistic Director of the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia Arsenty Tkachenko, as well as with soloists of the Bolshoi Orchestra.


During the conversation, guests from Moscow shared their perception of the capital of the Krasnoyarsk Region. Soloist of the Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra Alexei Korniliev said that he first visited Krasnoyarsk 8 years ago. Since then, in his opinion, noticeable changes have taken place in the city:

— I have been working in Krasnoyarsk for more than a week now, and I cannot help but express my admiration. A lot has changed - the airport, the roads, the streets, the embankments, it even seemed to me that people look happier. Maybe it's not so noticeable to you, you see it all day after day, but it immediately caught my eye, I tour a lot, believe me, I have something to compare with.

He also added that there is a strong professional community in Krasnoyarsk and a really appreciative audience, that forms a very comfortable creative atmosphere.

Continuing the thought of his colleague, Arsenty Tkachenko, Deputy Artistic Director of the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia, noted the high level of organization of the festival:

— I thank Krasnoyarsk for the warm welcome given to all the musicians. Special thanks to the team of the Krasnoyarsk Chamber Orchestra. We are looking forward to the premiere, it will be a real event for all of us. The fact that the festival is being held for the 20th time is an absolute record! Thank you for developing this event, it is important not only for the viewer, but also for the musicians, because music unites and elevates us all.